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Postural Control while Stepping

Information of the Project
Launch May 2012-
Collaborators Sambit Mohapatra (University of Vermont)
Alexander Aruin (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Hirofumi Sekiguchi (Jobu University)
Shigeki Takeuchi (Jobu University)
Grants JSPS KAKENHI 19H03982
34th Casio Science Promotion Foundation #35
Keywords Anticipatory Postural Adjustments, Compensatory Postural Adjustments, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Voluntary Movement, Obstacle Avoidance, Visual Information, Virtual Reality, EMG, Center of Pressure, Head Mounted Display, 3D Projector
Outline Raising a hand, stepping a foot--while our limb is moving, involuntary adjustment function is activated to maintain the postural balance of the body. This project explores the mechanism of human postural control during voluntary movement. It is expected to contribute health science in terms of fall prevention.
Publications Ida H (2019): Anticipatory postural adjustments while initiating a step on a flat surface or over an obstacle. ISPGR World Congress 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ida H, Mohapatra S, Aruin A (2017): Control of vertical posture while elevating one foot to avoid a real or virtual obstacle. Experimental Brain Research, 235(6), 1677-1687.

Ida H, Mohapatra S, Aruin AS (2016): Standing postural control while stepping over randomly moving virtual obstacles. Neuroscience 2016, San Diego, CA, USA.

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