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Injury of Lower Limb Joint

Information of the Project
Launch April 2003-
Collaborators Yasuharu Nagano (Japan Women's College of Physical Education)
Mako Fukano (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Totu Fukubayashi (Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences)
Koji Sato (Kurume University)
Hideyuki Ishii (Saint Paul's University)
Grants JSPS KAKENHI 19650179
Keywords Sports Injury, Knee Joint, Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Joint 6-DOF Motion, Point Cluster Technique, Cluster Marker Measurement, Landing Motion
Outline Injuries in sports frequently occur in the lower extremity such as ankle sprain and anterior cruciate ligament damage. We use a motion analysis procedure called "point cluster technique" to provide biomechanical evidence for the mechanism of traumatic injury and intervention effect of prevention training.
Publications Ida H, Nagano Y, Akai M, Ishii M, Fukubayashi T (2013): Estimation of tibiofemoral static zero position during dynamic drop landing. The Knee, 20(5), 339-45.

Nagano Y, Ida H, Akai M, Fukubayashi T (2011): Relationship between three-dimensional kinematics of knee and trunk motion during shuttle run cutting. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29(14), 1525-34.

Ishii H, Nagano Y, Ida H, Fukubayashi T, Maruyama T (2011): Knee kinematics and kinetics during shuttle run cutting: Comparison of the assessments performed with and without the point cluster technique. Journal of Biomechanics, 4(10), 1999-2003.

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