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Anticipation in Sports Context

Information of the Project
Launch April 2002-
Collaborators Kazunobu Fukuhara (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Takahiro Ogata (Teikyo University)
Motonobu Ishii (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Grants JSPS KAKENHI 19300218
Keywords Anticipatory Cue, Sports Context, Visual Search, Kinematic Information, Computer Graphics, Motion Perturbation, Biological Motion, Visual Analogue Scale, Tennis
Outline Expert players sense the intention of their opponent and make a correct decision very quickly. We attempt to make a quantitative estimation about the relation between opponent's motion and player's prediction by utilizing computer graphics display. Kinematic simulation is employed for creating the motion stimuli.
Publications Ida H, Fukuhara K, Ishii M, Inoue T (2018): Anticipatory judgements associated with vision of an opponent's end-effector: An approach by motion perturbation and spatial occlusion. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 72(5), 1131-40.

Fukuhara K, Ida H, Ogata T, Ishii M, Higuchi T (2017): The role of proximal body information on anticipatory judgment in tennis using graphical information richness. PLoS One, 12(7), e0180985.

Ida H, Fukuhara K, Sawada M, Ishii M (2011): Quantitative relation between server motion and receiver anticipation in tennis: Implications of responses to computer-simulated motions. Perception, 40(10), 1221-36.

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