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Interception in Virtual Reality

Information of the Project
Launch April 2006-
Collaborators Tetsuri Inoue (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)
Madoka Takahashi (Free)
Kazunobu Fukuhara (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Grants JSPS KAKENHI 23700715
Mizuno Sports Promotion Foundation, 2007
MEXT Academic Frontier Project 14, 2005
Keywords Interception, Catching Motion, Spatio-Temporal Coincidence, 3D Image, Binocular Disparity, Depth Cue, Presence, Subjective Impression, Virtual Reality, CAVE
Outline Interception is a demanding act in which one hit or capture a moving object with their hand, tool, and others. We investigate the ball-catching behavior in virtual environment to reveal functionally coupled processing of visual input and motor output. Applications of virtual reality for skill training is also our concern.
Publications Ida H, Takahashi M, Ogata T, Fukuhara K, Ishii M, Inoue T (2014): Effect of stereoscopic display on one-handed catching performance in a virtual environment. Japanese Journal of Sport Psychology, 41(1), 5-18.

Ida H, Fukuhara K, Takahashi M, Ishii M, Inoue T (2009): Discrimination of stroked tennis ball in a stereoscopic immersive virtual environment. In Alam F, Smith LV, Subic A, Fuss FK, and Ujihashi S (Eds.), The Impact of Technology on Sport III (pp. 359-363). Melbourne: RMIT University.

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